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get clear, feel good,
move forward.

Navigating the complexity of today’s world, with its many options and choices, can be overwhelming. Next Move teaches you how to navigate this, gain clarity, and move forward with the things that matter most.


Whether it’s choosing what to study, transitioning from college to career, changing jobs, starting a family, or simply getting ‘unstuck’, the Next Move Method will help you figure it out. Doing this with others provides support and accountability and enables you to gain momentum and reach your goals with ease.  

Register for a Next Move Seminar and develop the capabilities and know-how to move forward in your life with confidence and well-being. 

do life different. now.



Join a group and have fun learning our Method and key Next Move practices.

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Bring Next Move to your organization. Our certified facilitators can customize Next Move for your specific needs. 



Work with a coach and receive one-on-one support for your specific challenge.



Order a Next Move Guidebook to supplement your Next Move seminar experience. 

what people say.

My fear was keeping me ambivalent - just seeing this lack of clarity opened up a bunch of new options for me.

The one thing I keep coming back to, fifteen-months later, is the idea of breaking my steps down into micromoves.  This takes my overwhelm and melts it into a puddle.

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