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Schedule a Seminar. 

Moving Forward in Life with Clarity, Agency, and the Connection of others. 


Schedule Next Move for your organization! 

Our 6-week virtual seminar, led by Next Move co-founders Maura Wolf and Shari Simon, introduces you to the Next Move Method. Working with a buddy or in a small group, participants will learn the central Next Move practices that are essential for goal attainment. 


Session 1: Using the Next Move Method

Session 2: Building Connection

Session 3: Tuning-In 

Session 4: Noticing What Matters

Session 5: Activating Support

Session 6: Maintaining Momentum 

*1:1 Coaching is included between week 3 and 4

Cost:  $295/pp 


If you are interested: email us at


take the next step. now.

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