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Support Group

our seminar.

Our Next Move Seminars -- typically delivered in four to six weekly sessions -- are highly interactive, small group-based, and are designed help you get clear about what you want and move forward toward your goals. 


We make it simple and the learning stays with you.


  • Seminar sessions introduce concepts and provide time to practice
  • Short activities between meetings expand learning and lead to concrete success
  • Personalized resources support you around the specific goals you set 

what people say.

All at once I could access the information I wanted about different jobs and what it takes to get each one.

The emotional support I felt from the group, and the exercises we would do during the seminar helped with figuring out stuff and then listening to the others work through their next move was motivating for me.

Having that moment of talking and my partner’s 

ability to listen and point out key things that were said, helped me realize my truths.

I left each session feeling like the burden of life was lifted off my shoulders.

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