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our story.

We are living in a time of great uncertainty, complexity, and rapid change. In this environment it's easy to feel overwhelmed, stuck, lonely, or unsure about where you are headed.

We started Next Move as a response to these feelings. We realized - as we supported each other and others - that there is a simple but powerful process that helps people move from a ‘state of unknowing and feeling stuck’ to a ‘place of clarity and action'.  


Our seminars, publications, coaching practices, and community have been developed to communicate this process and support people to use it effectively.


Next Move has been successfully used by individuals, with groups, in university settings, and by people of all ages.  Irrespective of what you are navigating, our method helps you feel supported, empowered, and able to move forward on the things that matter most.


As individuals who have experienced, witnessed, and been educated about bias and privilege - we strive to make the Next Move Method as broadly accessible as possible.

our values.

People Matter.

We care. Attentiveness, empathy, and compassion guide our actions.

Do it and do it well.

Whatever the task, we show up, are present, and do the best job we’re capable of.

Bias is real.

The world isn’t fair. We work hard to remember this and act from our awareness to learn, grow, and make things more equitable.

Good work feels like play.

We make time for self-reflection so that we can connect and align what we do with what makes us feel alive.

the next move

The Next Move Method is based on three established and well-researched learning models: Action-Inquiry, Peer-based Learning, and the Creative Process. All three learning models have deep roots in various philosophical traditions. And all have continued to advance through the work of scholars, artists, and practitioners across the fields of psychology, neuroscience, art, education, organizational development, and leadership studies.


The Method consists of four steps in which you engage in a continuous cycle, as shown in the diagram below: 



As you increase your capacity to use this simple, yet powerful process, and cycle through it regularly, in conjunction with others (a buddy or small group), you will:


  • Deepen your ability to connect with self and others to build a strong network of personal and professional support

  • Increase your self-awareness of personal values, interests, strengths, and constraints and identify what is needed to achieve your goals

  • Generate new pathways forward & become comfortable with experimentation as you move toward personal, career, and life objectives

  • Expand verbal and nonverbal capacities to fully engage in open and honest communication with others

  • Bring curiosity & compassion to the self-reflection process to gain a deeper understanding of your actions and behavior 

Via self-exploration, mini-lessons, activities, curated content, and the support and accountability of a cohort, participants use the Next Move Method to get clear, feel supported, and move forward on the goals and aspirations that matter to them.

next move methodology
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